1. Resampling is sourced from LibSampleRate (version 0.1.5) and SoX 14.2.0 under GNU GPL license. LibSampleRate is aka SRC (Secret Rabbit Code) and supersedes the version as used in foobar2000. Best Sinc converter now offers a SNR of 145.68db or 121.33db (versus 97db). SoX VHQ offers better than 170db SNR. Resampling is bypassed when input rate matches output.
  2. Supports Steinberg’s excellent ASIO 2 and is backward compatible to prior ASIO versions (as required by ASIO drivers).
  3. Offers high quality 64 bit double precision digital volume control (in 0.5db steps). From cPlay 2.0b37 onwards, balance control (in 0.1db steps) at same 64 bit precision is available. These can be bypassed.
  4. Playback is achieved through .cue (playlist), .wav or .flac files. cPlay loads entire .wav or .flac (decoded) into RAM before starting. Playback is done directly from cPlay’s internal buffer. Cue playback requires .cue files as created by EAC (single or multi file standard).
  5. Ensures efficient CPU resource utilization allowing for low specification processors or high levels of upsampling. This means CPU’s can be underclocked / undervolted.
  6. Supports up to 3 ASIO soundcards with each having up to 100 output channels.
  7. Advanced optimizations are applied (if available from ASIO driver) during playback.
  8. Best results achieved when using cMP (i.e. cMP²). This allows for low level Windows optimizations. Use cMP release 1.0 final or later – this allows for bypassing RAM load in cMP (set RAM Load in cMP Settings to No) otherwise wav file is RAM loaded twice. cPlay allows for both svchost and lsass to be suspended during playback thus reducing the Windows footprint. Only exception is EMU’s ASIO driver which requires both (svchost and lsass) to be operational. Set cMP’s ‘Optimize’ setting to ‘Critical’.
  9. Full remote control is achieved with cMP: offering volume control, track navigation, next/previous and stop/eject via (wireless) mouse.
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